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Service & Breakdown Package

Request Submission

Site/Location of Machine/Breakdown and on-site contact

We can only visit at a UK mainland location. Please provide correct address.
Please give details for who we should call and their contact number when we arrive below.

Machine/Breakdown Details

Please answer all questions accurately and in full.

The voltage information and serial number can be found on the rating sticker of your machine.

You can add up to 4 machines that require attention at the same location. Please supply as much information as possible regarding the fault/s as this will assist us in servicing your machine/s

Unsure which machine? View the range here (opens in new window).

Your serial number will be on the rating label on your machine just below the barcode (Older machines may not have the bar code). It will comprise of 9 digits exactly and will be numerical. Please enter your serial number carefully as we will use this to confirm the details of your machine.

Additional Machines:

Expand this section to add additional machines

Site Access/Parking

Please be accurate with regards to parking details, agents have large machines to unload and manoeuvre with possible tail lift on van.

On site parking available? *
if No please call 01460 269 478 / If Other please specify.
Access for large van? *
If No please specify additional detail or call 01460 269 478.
Security Clearance Needed? *
To assist us in ensuring our engineer does not arrive at an inconvenient time, please give details on any time periods site access would not be granted. For example:
"Mondays - 10.00-12.00"
"Tuesday 20th Sept - 15.00-17.00"