The Henry Scrubber Dryer, you know his smile, you’ll love his simplicity, reliability and of course clean, dry floors day in, day out.

Plenty of cable-free cleaning time

The GelTec batteries provide a whopping two hour cleaning time (1.5hr constant run time) and a 10hr charge time.

Tough, rugged and chemical resistant

New structofoam moulded chassis, strong, resistant to scratches, dents and chemicals, and built to last.

Refill less, clean more

A water capacity of 30 Litres allows to clean a much larger area than a mop and bucket without the need to refill.

Quick and efficient cleaning

With a generous scrubbing width of 45cm, consistent water flow, and a cleaning head spinning at 100rpm you’ll have clean floors in no time.

Fit a brush or pad in seconds

Our unique tilting brush deck allows convenient access to fit a brush or pad.

Keep track while you clean

A simple, clear battery indicator informs you when it’s time to charge your machine so you never run out of battery halfway through a job.

Easy to use controls

Now with red touch user friendly controls making keeping your floors clean, simple.

Operator comfort as standard

A fully adjustable handle for the perfect working position, reducing operator fatigue when cleaning for extended periods.

Instantly dry and streak free floors

The curved squeegee picks up the dirty water, leaving you with clean, dry, and streak free floors. Adjustable castors ensure optimum performance on a variety of floor surfaces.

Flexible tank filling

Our Flexifill system gives you a choice of filling options. The flexible hose allows you to fill the tank from any tap with ease.

Five reasons to choose a scrubber dryer

Fast cleaning

You can clean an area that is 1000ft2 in size 20% faster with a scrubber dryer over a mop and bucket.

Simple cleaning

Mopping will leave the floors wet. A scrubber dryer leaves a dry and clean floor every time.

Consistent cleaning

Results after mopping are often inconsistent. A scrubber dryer will provide the same high standard of cleaning, every time.

Versatile cleaning

Modern floors come in thousands of finishes, brushes and pads can be selected to suit the floor, either for day-to-day or deep cleaning.

Safe cleaning

Health & Safety in public spaces is paramount, wet floors, dirty buckets of water and mop sticks all increase the risk of slips, trips, and falls. All these risks can be avoided by cleaning with a scrubber dryer.

Selecting a cleaning additive can be confusing, never mind how to store, measure and dispense liquid cleaning additives.
NuTab is simple just pop in a tablet with each tank of water for effective cleaning with a fresh fragrance.

Suitable for most floor types.

Active cleaning using special surfactants and alkali solution.

Antistatic and dirt repellent protective film.

Economic and time saving.

Hard water compatible.

Dissolves quickly in water soluble packaging.

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