TAP 26 – Twintec Plumbing Upgrade Kits

We have upgraded the Twintec range to higher specification connectors. We have also increased the size of the connectors from 8mm to 10mm to increase flow whilst standardising connections for easy replacement.

TAP 6 – Fluid Tube Replacement Kit

Since we introduced the new 4045 / 4055 machines we have found that, in certain instances, after time, the water tubing can become partially restricted by chemical residue deposits and, as maximum flow is often required on more absorbent floor surfaces, the reduced water flow may prove to be insufficient thus affecting cleaning performance.

TAP 4 – Twintec Motor Gasket Kit

The Twintec Cable Machines are one of our most popular ranges being cost effective with exceptional power and performance. When it comes to Floorcare the TT cable machine stands proud.