Stretch hose upgrade

The right-angled cuff on the 280021 35MM X 960MM LONG 3:1 STRETCH HOSE (SHORT & LONG CUFF) has been upgraded.

TGB3045 Scrubber Dryer

Does 23 years of practice make a better scrubber dryer? Yes, the TTB345 is where it all started. It’s been a leader for 23 years and today’s new GelTec 3045 is a further advance and tomorrow’s new classic. The TGB3045 offers the best of both worlds with compact design and a full width cleaning capability. […]

New Twintec Hose Clip

The Metal Hose clip 206818  will be replaced on all Twintec models with a moulded hose clip, this has been changed due to the sharpness of the edge of the metal clip.

Twintec Floor Tool Lifting System Update

All lifting link wires will have coloured heat shrink wrap added to the ends of the cable, this will help to reduce the risk of the wrong size wires being fitted.

TAP 25 – Upgrade to CRO battery display lights

As part of Numatic International’s commitment to product support and machine upgrades we have upgraded the software on the CRO battery indication lights to give better indication of battery status during use. If you are having sporadic issues with battery indication on your CRO we recommend you upgrade the display PCB and the DC drive […]

TAP 3 – Twintec Seperator Storage

Your Numatic Scrubber Dryer has been designed and constructed to the highest standard. To enable the machine to provide the best possible service, we recommend you ensure your machine is always left in a clean, dry and tidy condition.