Introducing the WVB Battery Machine

24V Freedom for 101 reasons… and no two of these are the same!

The whole cordless concept of this battery powered machine is to provide convenience where accessibility to a normal mains supply is simply not possible, or not acceptable for reasons of safety or logistics.

The machines’ specifications from top to bottom are without doubt to the highest of standards, with a choice of Simplex 1 motor or Duplex 2 motor models.

The two variant machine has a Structofoam power head and provides 2.5 hours of runtime with the Simplex model, and for extra performance the Duplex version with 1.25 hours of running time between charges.

The stainless steel construction incorporates twin 56Ah gel batteries and their own dedicated charger system. The container is totally resistant to all forms of deterioration, ensuring a long-life design with outstanding appearance and performance. A formidable cordless package that will go anywhere, any time.

  • Simplex 1 Motor Power Head (WVB750)
  • Duplex 2 Motor Power Head (WVDB750)
  • Wet & Dry Pick-up System
  • Detachable Stainless Steel Container
  • 31L Dry / 22L Wet Capacity
  • High Performance Gel Batteries
  • Stainless Steel Chassis
  • Large Transit Wheels
  • Large Filter System (dry use only)
  • On-board Charger

View and download the Information Sheet below:

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