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Finding a janitorial system that fits your needs completely can be a real challenge. Giving total freedom of choice to the user, Nu-Design offers the ultimate solution.

The Nu-Design configurator guides you through a product configuration process, providing a visual output and configuration breakdown at each selection.

The result, a reliable, functional and innovative cleaning system that fits your needs precisely.

How it Works:

  1. Select your trolley base and castor options.
  2. Pick storage options that meet your needs exactly.
  3. Choose your mopping system, waste options, accessories and personalisation.
  4. Submit for itemised breakdown and quote.

Configure Your Cleaning Solution


PRO-Matic 10-12

PRO-Matic 20-22

SM / SMX 1705


SM / SMX 1415

SM / SMX 1405



We are constantly testing the application so if we find any issues we will add to this section. 

If you find find any issues please email Numatic Support

When loading a configurator, we have observed that some devices load all the contents onto the screen at once ,if this happens this it can be fixed simply by either changing the zoom on your browser from 100% to 90% or just taking the configurator out of full screen.

This is a compatibility problem from legacy drivers.

Nu-Design Logo - NEW

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