Customer Advice on stale smelling machines.

We have had contact from some customers,who have had problems with machines after adding air fresheners in to them.


“Under no circumstances should foreign objects, including air fresheners and capsules, be placed inside the top filter. Doing so can be dangerous and risk damage to the machine.”


As well as possibly being dangerous, this may also invalidate any Warranty claim.

If you find your machine emits stale air when turned on and you want to freshen it up, please try these steps to help:

1. Change the dust bag, if this has not been changed for a while the debris within the bag can smell.

2. Clean the inside of the drum, any dust here could cause stale smells.

3. Check and change the filter between the head and the drum this is where all the stale dust will get trapped as air flows out, this should be cleaned and changed on a regular basis.