NUC244 NX


Technical Support:

• Training ,Service requests and technical documents all instantly available on any mobile device via the Nu-Assist App.

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• Spare parts and kits are easy to find with our simple user exploded drawings .

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  View Interactive 3D Model For Part Identification

•Exclusive online training content available to support your cleaning requirements.

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Key Points:

• One-pass cleaning performance is achieved by applying brush pressure and powerful drive motors with the right amount of water in the right place.

• Smart Water Use The direct water feed to the centre of the brushes distributes evenly and consistently across the cleaning area, delivering best in class water efficiency.

• Powerful Brush Deck Delivering controlled and lightweight handling with no messy spray from the twin motor aluminium brush deck.

• Ultimate Versatility Spotless and consistent results across all types of hard  floors with a wide range of pads, brushes and accessories.

• Agile and lightweight handling easily navigates obstacles and congested areas, gliding over floors for controlled, effortless cleaning.

• Designed for any user to be up and running in seconds, achieving consistent professional results. The 244NX offers user-simplicity in every sense, from initial set-up, daily use, maintenance and training.

• The ergonomic design incorporates features including “Park-Up” allowing users to easily move obstacles and a foot-operated floor tool eliminating frequent bending.