Nuplex HD Longlife Power Pad Care Guide

To get the best out of your Nuplex Pad follow these simple instructions before and after every use.


Using your Nuplex Pad

The Nuplex pad is suitable for most hard floor coverings providing the finish is flat and smooth.

Cleaning additives are not normally required nor recommended; however, if used should be free from alcohol and chlorine. Using harsh cleaning chemicals will reduce the life of your Nuplex pad. Inspect your pad for damage before use, replace if required.

DO NOT use on safety flooring (slip resistant).

Always clean your Nuplex pad after use.

Manual Washing

Immediately after use, rinse with clear water without any additives. Most of the regular dirt will come out this way.

If the pad has been used on highly polluted floors with persistent grease, pre-spray with a non-alcoholic degreaser prior to rinsing. Never use abrasive or harsh chemicals when cleaning your pad. (Inc. chlorine, ethanol, propanol based products).

Washing Machine

With or without pre-spraying degreaser (as above). Wash at 30°c using regular laundry detergent. Never use dry spinning.

900975 – Box of 5 Nuplex HD Pads 35cm

TT/B 1840

900974 – Box of 5 Nuplex HD Pads 43cm

HFM/1015/1515/1523/1530/1545, HFT1530, NR1500, ET/B4045, TT/B4045, TTV4555

900973 – Box of 5 Nuplex HD Pads 50cm

TT/B4055T, TTB6055, TTV4555, CRO850

You can download a copy of the Care Guide below:

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