Stretch hose upgrade

The right-angled cuff on the 280021 35MM X 960MM LONG 3:1 STRETCH HOSE (SHORT & LONG CUFF) has been upgraded.

The right-angled cuff at the top of the picture was the original cuff and the picture below is newly designed moulded cuff. The new cuff is a better fit is more ascetically pleasing and as a bonus increases the machines cleaning performance by increasing the suction. This improvement is present in the below machines:-

  • TGB6055
  • TGB6055T
  • TGB8572
  • TTB6055
  • TTB6055T
  • TTV4555
  • TTV5565

This upgrade was implemented into production on the 11/08/2017, therefore, any machines built after this date will have this upgrade.