TAP 23 – Charger Plug Handle Kit

As part of Numatic International’s commitment to product support and machine upgrades we have produced a kit to retrofit the red handle to the TTB 1840 charger battery connection. By fitting this kit you are eliminating the potential damage that could be caused to the charger wires when removing the connection while holding the wires. This handle is now standard and has been fitted to all machines from 02/03/2015.

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TAP 1 – TTB1840 Battery Care

The correct care of batteries supplied and fitted to the machine is vital, ensuring robust performance and extended operation.

Although the GEL battery specification is identical to that of our full model range the use of smaller machines can be quite different to that of the larger models. In some cases we have found some Numatic Products are used for a short time, i.e. 15 minutes, not recharged, then used again, then maybe not used for another week and eventually, batteries become very difficult to recharge as they have become progressively discharged by lack of use and failure to recharge.

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