TGB3045 Scrubber Dryer

Does 23 years of practice make a better scrubber dryer? Yes, the TTB345 is where it all started. It’s been a leader for 23 years and today’s new GelTec 3045 is a further advance and tomorrow’s new classic.

The TGB3045 offers the best of both worlds with compact design and a full width cleaning capability. Watch the product video here.

  • Easy to use controls – Now with red touch user-friendly controls.
  • Gel Batteries – Up to 2hr runtime, 10hr charge time.
  • Battery and Hour Meter – Simple clear hour/battery indicator.
  • Fully Adjustable Handle – Flat to upright for the perfect position.
  • Polyform Chassis – New chemical resistant polyform moulded chassis.30L Capacity – Structofoam tank.
  • 30L Capacity – Structofoam tank.
  • 45cm Scrub Width – Tilting deck for easy brush change.